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Are hCG Injections from Online Sources the Same as Your Local Weight Loss Clinic?

Are hCG Injections from Online Sources the Same as Your Local Weight Loss Clinic?

In short, YES, buying hCG shots online (from vetted sources) gets you the exact same hCG hormone product as if you were to walk into a weight loss clinic building. And for those of you who often wonder what hCG even stands for, it stands for human chorionic gonadotropin. I know it makes perfect sense right? I just made your life a lot better. Moving on.

Regarding the hCG being the same. This is because the online sources are using the method of Tele-health and the companies have their own medical staff that operate and prescribe your hCG injections to you. The staff are all medically qualified doctors, nurses, physician assistants an dietitians.

For those who are unfamiliar with the process of tele-health, that might seem a bit shady or not possible, but I assure you, in the 2017 world of being able to program your sprinkler system from your porch with bluetooth technology (husband just did that this week, that’s why I know), it is indeed perfectly possible and legit.

As you’ll see below, here is an example of what a kit of hCG injections will look like when it arrives in the mail from your home. With this particular company, you need to be home to sign for the package. It contains your vial(s) of hCG hormone, a vial of mixin liquid that contains bacteriostatic water at the least, and may contain b12 as well depending on the company, a large 5ml mixing syringe to mix your hCG together, and a bunch of insulin syringes for doing your daily injection.

As you can see on this particular kit, the prescription for the items is right there on the packaging.

HCG Injection Kit Package

Usually what gets people anxious about what you might call more of a DIY process for their hCG diet is the whole mixing of the solution themselves – but even then, there are quite a few quality video tutorials on youtube showing you how to mix your hCG injections yourself and it’s pretty straight forward.

Here’s one:

As well as some guidance on how long to do the hCG Diet for here:

So there you have it. Buying these shots online isn’t something you need to be fearful of. The hCG comes from compounding pharmacies across the United States and is regulated by the FDA through required testing for endotoxins and potency. These pharmacies are great for getting hCG at an affordable cost.


Can Using hCG Injections for Weight Loss Really Get Rid of Body Fat?

Can Using hCG Injections for Weight Loss Really Get Rid of Body Fat?

Is this hCG Diet the magic bullet? The diet has actually been around for some time involving the use of hCG Injections combined with a very low calorie diet (one that we wouldn’t normally believe to be safe, if it weren’t for the hCG hormone) that many are claiming causes a high rate of fat loss in a very short period of time.  You can find quality sources for hCG Injections online through telehealth medicine now.

While there are many “suppliers” online of hCG, many are fake, and most are not doctor prescribed.  The site mentioned above recommends only bonafide, doctor prescribed hCG diet programs.

We have noticed that while some individuals can change their eating habits (perhaps going Paleo, Low Carb, or South Beach style), exercise, and lose their excess weight, there is a growing number of people, especially women, who no matter what they do, it seems they cannot effectively lose or maintain weightloss.

Is it gmo food?  It is the pesticides?  Is it the emf’s?  We’re not talking about the people who continue to eat Mcdonalds for lunch and dinner- it’s obvious why these individuals are overweight.

We’re talking about those who bust their bottoms in the gym and eat a special diet and still find that at least certain parts of their body, most often hips, thighs, and belly, just won’t budge.

As much as a skeptic we would normally be of something like the hCG Diet, we’re very open to what can’t be explained logically necessarily, when the results are there.  There is quite a large number of individuals who do truly appear to be losing body fat, and their follow up testing of blood glucose levels, cholesterol, heart rate and blood pressure from those monitoring these signs are improved upon finishing a course of this diet.

Body mass index retro poster.




Think You’re Hungry? Could be Thirst.

Think You’re Hungry? Could be Thirst.

Did you know that many times when you eat because you “want something” you may actually be thirsty, not hungry?

Many people confuse the two sensations.  Most of the time thirst is confused for water, and they reach for food when they really should be reaching for water.  This can obviously lead to weight gain.  Clinical studies have shown that 37% of people mistake hunger for thirst because the thirst mechanism is so weak.

What’s interesting is that a person could safely fast including only water in their diet for several weeks without much harm coming to them, whereas, to remove water from the diet can lead to death within a week.  Yet, we frequently misunderstand the signals our bodies send us in regards to hunger and thirst.

There’s an interesting paper involving this subject here:  Hunger and Thirst: Issues in measurement and prediction of eating and drinking

Try This Experiment:

  • For 1 week, every time you think you are hungry, drink a glass of water first and wait 15 minutes.
  • Are you still hungry after 15 minutes?

This can be a great way to start to get to know your body better and start giving it the proper nourishment at the proper time.

This can really help with weightloss or at least the maintenance of your current weight as well.

I have no doubt that you’ll probably be surprised by the results of trying this out.


Testing for Health Online

Testing for Health Online

Patients are finding it more and more difficult to get the kind of health treatment they desire.

The conventional health system is not set up in a way that allows the majority to choose their own testing, medications etc.

The Problem

On the surface it may perhaps appear that the best results will happen when the doctors and medical personnel are the ones in full control since they are the trained professionals.  Certainly every day lives are being saved or at least improved with these hard working individuals.

However, sometimes because of the way the medical system is set up in the U.S., patients do not have enough time at their appointments to fully inform their doctors of their symptoms.  Additionally, doctors are more and more pressured to get through as many patients as possible in a given day and it is getting difficult to get the kind of testing and medications needed to be prescribed by doctors when health insurance is involved.

The Solution

Thankfully, something has come onto the scene that is helping to bridge the gap- we certainly can’t do without doctors, yet at the same time, patients deserve to have the type of testing they desire.

There are now several sources online for appropriating your own testing- which you can then bring the results into your doctor, which can help you get treatment that will be more timely, accurate, and effective.

This is out of pocket of course, and the prices vary, but the direct cost you is drastically reduced over what health insurance would be paying out for the same testing.  You can get a vitamin D blood test for just $59, and Iron panel for $69, even an extended Kidney Profile test for $109.

Help interpreting lab testing:

Aarp Understanding Lab Tests

Purchase your own lab testing online: