Bridging the Gap



Testing for Health Online

Testing for Health Online

Patients are finding it more and more difficult to get the kind of health treatment they desire.

The conventional health system is not set up in a way that allows the majority to choose their own testing, medications etc.

The Problem

On the surface it may perhaps appear that the best results will happen when the doctors and medical personnel are the ones in full control since they are the trained professionals.  Certainly every day lives are being saved or at least improved with these hard working individuals.

However, sometimes because of the way the medical system is set up in the U.S., patients do not have enough time at their appointments to fully inform their doctors of their symptoms.  Additionally, doctors are more and more pressured to get through as many patients as possible in a given day and it is getting difficult to get the kind of testing and medications needed to be prescribed by doctors when health insurance is involved.

The Solution

Thankfully, something has come onto the scene that is helping to bridge the gap- we certainly can’t do without doctors, yet at the same time, patients deserve to have the type of testing they desire.

There are now several sources online for appropriating your own testing- which you can then bring the results into your doctor, which can help you get treatment that will be more timely, accurate, and effective.

This is out of pocket of course, and the prices vary, but the direct cost you is drastically reduced over what health insurance would be paying out for the same testing.  You can get a vitamin D blood test for just $59, and Iron panel for $69, even an extended Kidney Profile test for $109.

Help interpreting lab testing:

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Purchase your own lab testing online:


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