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Are hCG Injections from Online Sources the Same as Your Local Weight Loss Clinic?

Are hCG Injections from Online Sources the Same as Your Local Weight Loss Clinic?

In short, YES, buying hCG shots online (from vetted sources) gets you the exact same hCG hormone product as if you were to walk into a weight loss clinic building. And for those of you who often wonder what hCG even stands for, it stands for human chorionic gonadotropin. I know it makes perfect sense right? I just made your life a lot better. Moving on.

Regarding the hCG being the same. This is because the online sources are using the method of Tele-health and the companies have their own medical staff that operate and prescribe your hCG injections to you. The staff are all medically qualified doctors, nurses, physician assistants an dietitians.

For those who are unfamiliar with the process of tele-health, that might seem a bit shady or not possible, but I assure you, in the 2017 world of being able to program your sprinkler system from your porch with bluetooth technology (husband just did that this week, that’s why I know), it is indeed perfectly possible and legit.

As you’ll see below, here is an example of what a kit of hCG injections will look like when it arrives in the mail from your home. With this particular company, you need to be home to sign for the package. It contains your vial(s) of hCG hormone, a vial of mixin liquid that contains bacteriostatic water at the least, and may contain b12 as well depending on the company, a large 5ml mixing syringe to mix your hCG together, and a bunch of insulin syringes for doing your daily injection.

As you can see on this particular kit, the prescription for the items is right there on the packaging.

HCG Injection Kit Package

Usually what gets people anxious about what you might call more of a DIY process for their hCG diet is the whole mixing of the solution themselves – but even then, there are quite a few quality video tutorials on youtube showing you how to mix your hCG injections yourself and it’s pretty straight forward.

Here’s one:

As well as some guidance on how long to do the hCG Diet for here:

So there you have it. Buying these shots online isn’t something you need to be fearful of. The hCG comes from compounding pharmacies across the United States and is regulated by the FDA through required testing for endotoxins and potency. These pharmacies are great for getting hCG at an affordable cost.


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