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Only Get Prescription hCG Injections from Qualified Sources

Only Get Prescription hCG Injections from Qualified Sources

I went to the health food store the other day and saw some bottles of capsules and tablets that said, “hCG” on them.

I looked on the back and they were simply a vitamin supplement with various amino acids in them. They were NOT hCG.

If you are going to do something drastic, like the hCG diet protocol, then do it right and take the real hormone.

The current online sources of hCG Injections are all listed here – these are reliable sources, you get a valid prescription, you speak with the doctor or NP on the phone or skype, but you don’t have to leave your home or do any bloodwork.

Why use the real hormone vs. homeopathic or these other bottles labeled hCG that are nothing close to hCG.

– Preserve lean muscle while on such a low calorie diet – this prevents excess muscle loss, very important to future ability to stabilize and maintain weight loss.

– Creates a non-hunger feeling on the right dosage – important for sticking to the diet and not creating an emotional eating disorder with food.

– Injections in particular are most convenient because you inject just once a day and are sure to absorb the exact amount of hCG injected (vs. sublingual some is lost and you can’t be sure just how much was absorbed into your bloodstream from day to day).


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