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Change in where to buy hCG Injections Online – no prior RX needed

Change in where to buy hCG Injections Online – no prior RX needed

Hcg Law Changes

The laws have recently changed in the United States regarding hCG and you can no longer buy compounded hCG injections.

But you CAN still get U.S. made hCG – the clincher is it will now be the large pharmaceutical brands of hCG like Pregnyl and Novarel- this comes at a higher cost unfortunately, but at least for the time being we can still get it.

Sources Left for Buying hCG Online:

For current places to buy hCG injections online, go to hCGChica’s blog – she has an updated purchase hCG online page you can review along with some hCG alternatives being offered.

Why are people using hCG injections for weight loss? What does it actually do?

About the hCG Protocol

Dr. ATW Simeons was the creator of the hCG protocol decades ago. He discovered that an ultra low calorie diet of only 500 kilocalories per day when combined with small doses of the hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) hormone (125iu daily), produce rapid fat loss WITHOUT excessive muscle loss- something that would not normally occur when eating so little. He also discovered that this small amount of hormone, injected daily intramuscularly into the muscle tissue (today it has been discovered that injecting subcutaneously into the fat tissue is just as effective) also made it so that the dieter wasn’t hungry on the 500 calorie diet! When normally a person would find themselves ravenous with so little food.

This process is carried on daily for 3-6 weeks, eating 500 calories or less, with a very specific food list, and generally leads to a satisfactory amount of weight loss- although of course individual results do vary.

hCG injections are just as effective today as they were decades ago, it’s just a shame that the cost and even accessibility of it is getting hard to come by.

Tips for Success on the Diet

Best tips to make the most out of a round of hCG injections with the protocol so that you don’t waste your money:

1. Don’t cheat – cheating leads to gains on the scale that are larger than usual for the food you cheated with. Which sucks, but seems to be the case.

2. Drink plenty of water – part of the process of fat oxidation involves the use of water.

3. Get enough sleep – there was a small study that showed that sleep deprived people lost a lot more muscle on a diet than those who slept a full 8 hours each night. Losing all fat and not muscle is the goal both for looks and health.

4. Take some walks – and ignore the goose egg on the scale. Walking is so good for you, especially on a diet. You might find that water retention the day after a walk to produce a zero loss on the scale, but just ignore this- you are losing fat still, you are just retaining a little extra water temporarily. Don’t just sit for 6 weeks out of fear of not seeing the scale numbers go down. Think big picture.

When NOT to do the hCG Protocol

There are time when following this diet is not actually a good idea. If you deal with a lot of fatigue, you might want wait on this.

OR at the very least, because this diet is similar to being on a 6 week cleanse, consider doing it at a time of year when you can be less busy – your body will need it’s energy to break down fat stores and flush it out, so you will often feel better if you lay low during these weeks.

If you are not ready to commit to the diet for the full 3 or 6 weeks, wait. This is not a diet you can take a day or two off of frequently- it doesn’t work like that. The hormone remains in your system for a full 72 hours after your last injection, which means that your body is more sensitive to fat and calories during that time. You can lose better with hCG, but you can also GAIN better with the hCG hormone in your system if you overeat or eat lots of fats during that time.

Last Words

This protocol is so EFFICIENT for those who have the willpower to get through that 3-6 weeks strictly adhering to the diet.

The list of foods is small. However, you will often find if you stick this out, that your cravings for processed and sugary foods are gone, and healthier foods now taste delicious to you when perhaps before they may have seemed boring.

Lastly, if you are afraid of needles, the needles are very tiny insulin needles, that when injected directly into your fatty tissue, doesn’t hurt – it’s surprisingly quite painless!


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